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Company Profile

Tianhong Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established on November 8, 2004 . In 2013, in collaboration with Alipay, the company launched the first ever Internet fund “Yu’ebao”, charting a course for the future of Internet finance.


million subscribers

The company has 295 million fund subscribers as of June 30, 2016, and has created about RMB 57.29 billion in returns for its clients over the past three years.


billion AUM

Tianhong was the first fund company in China to have assets under management worth over RMB 1 trillion. As of June 30, 2016, it has RMB 850.5 billion in AUM.


The company manages Yu’ebao, China’s first ever Internet fund specially designed for Alipay, and has more than 260 million Yu’ebao subscribers as of June 30, 2016.

Fund ecosystem

"Ant Financial" has a controlling 51% stake in the company. It manages 48 funds and covers all lines of products, committing itself to innovations in big data, intelligent investment consulting, etc.

Raised star·Yu'ebao

Yu’ebao is China’s first ever Internet fund customized for Alipay. It remains the largest monetary fund in China, known in full as Tianhong Yu’ebao Money Market Fund.

Putting security and liquidity first, the company delves into the economic and policy climates, market status, and supply of and demand for money, and designs and adjusts portfolios based on stringent risk control to bring in impressive returns for investors.

Yu’ebao sentiment index
A Yu’ebao sentiment index has been created to describe changes in users’ willingness to enter the market. The index is designed based on data about hundreds of millions of users and millions of transactions, using big data analytical model and cloud computing technology.

3 years(2013-)

Launched in 2013 as China’s first ever Internet fund


More than 300 million Yu’ebao subscribers as of June 2016


As of June 2016, Yu’ebao alone has created more than RMB 53,400,000,000 in returns for its subscribers.

Bussiness&Technology Innovations