1. Yu’ebao

    Yu’ebao is China’s first ever Internet fund specially designed for Alipay.
    It remains the largest money market fund in China, known in full as Tianhong Yu’ebao Money Market Fund.
    Putting security and liquidity first, the company delves into the economic and policy climates, market status, and money supply and demand, and designs and adjusts portfolios based on stringent risk control to bring in impressive returns for investors.


    In May 2013, the first Internet fund product was launched in China.
    The first of its kind, Yu’ebao is specially designed for Alipay.

  2. Present Situation

    It is a mutual fund covering the most individual clients in China, with more than 260 million subscribers as at June 30, 2016.

    It is the largest money market fund in China by assets under management whose worth stands at RMB 816.3 billion.

  3. Features

    Easy to operate, low barrier to entry, free of charge, and withdrawable anytime.

    Apart from the function of wealth management, Yu’ebao, as a cash management tool in the mobile Internet era, can also be directly used in shopping, transfers, bill payments and other consumption payments.

    Full coverage:

    Full coverage by ZhongAn Insurance.

    Settlement of income on a daily basis:

    7-day annualized rate of return (September 1, 2016): 2.313%*(source: Tianhong Asset).

    Deposit and withdraw funds anytime:

    With an initial investment threshold of RMB 1 and increments of RMB 0.01, it can be used for online consumption or withdrawal.

  4. Development

    As the manager of Yu'ebao, THFund opened a new chapter in internet finance.

    Relying on Yu'ebao, THFund has enhanced its management ability. For example:

    A leading alternative counterparty library in the whole market, including 20 head offices and more than 200 branches.

    An innovative negotiated deposit quotation system in the whole market that is open and transparent and improve efficiency significantly.

    Excellent liquidity management in the whole market, relying the big data team to accurately predict subscription and redemption amount.

    Leading transaction processing capability in the whole market, with a daily transaction value of RMB5 billion-RMB10 billion, which has high requirements on the internal and external synergy. Strict risk control in the whole process of management by white list system.

What People Say

  • Since I used Yu’ebao, even my daughter would say: “Mom, why can you buy so many toys for me recently?” I’ll always support Yu’ebao, because financial management is just that simple.

    Ating, a mother
  • I am a software implementer from Weifang, Shandong. Before, I spent money every day, almost became penniless by the end of every month, always yearned for salary, and had to repay credit card. However, since I use Yu’ebao, all I need to do is to wait for income every day and wait for salary to be transferred in. So happy! Yu’ebao, See you every day.

    Fangfang, A white-collar worker
  • I am a traffic police from Hubei Province, the tasks of mine and my colleagues’ are traffic management and to crack down illegal activities. After fulfilling these tasks, we check the income on Yu’ebao every day. Ho-ho, believe yourself, traffic polices also use Yu’ebao.

    Changchang, a traffic police
  • Before the launch of Yu’ebao, I was definitely an online shopaholic. But now my money is in Yu’ebao and I’m always reluctant to spend it. Thus the life becomes so beautiful with Yu’ebao.

    Biaosan, a big online spender