1. Department of International Operations established

  2. Effort to develop Mutual Recognition Fund products started

  3. Recognized as a Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII)

  4. “Zeal Voyage China Fund” sold as a China’s first Mutual Recognition Fund

First Mutual Recognition Fund, Easier Access to Overseas Market.

In December 2015, Tianhong was officially appointed to delegate Zeal Voyage China Fund and submit MRF application letter to CSRS.

In January 2016, Zeal Voyage China Fund was approved to be one of the first Mutual Recognition Funds and whereafter open to subscribers in mainland China.

With unparalleled experience and resources in internet based sales, Tianhong managed to significantly expand the target client pool and win wide acclaim from investors and peers alike. By the end of August 29, 2016, AUM of Zeal Voyage China Fund has grown by 18.58% over six months. (Data source:Wind).

In future, Tinhong will continue to leverage on its experience in MRF selection and promotion and stick to its mission to provide domestic clients with convenient access to predominant overseas funds.